Something you need to remember about your counter-top installation is that extreme temperatures can cause issues with your install.

This time of year (winter), it is very important to have heat in your home during and after the install. As we all know stone tends to be on the cold side once installed. But have you ever thought about the process of installing your counter-tops? When you have seams in your counter-tops, the epoxy that is used has an exothermic reaction. This means that the epoxy is mixed with a catalyst. This process creates heat allowing the epoxy to harden. If the area the seam is being made is cold this reaction takes much longer slowing the seaming process and adding to the total install time.

The reason we say the heat needs to stay on, is that the homes temperature needs to stay consistent. The epoxy does expand and contract to some extent, however going for 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit can cause the seam to pop. This is not a warranty issue and just because the seam pops doesn’t mean that it will be only the seam, it could also cause the top to break.


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