Templating:Webco Inc, uses the Laser Precision laser templating system. This system was added to our standard templating procedures in 2005

Once the Webco, Inc. has the Phototop® digital template it is downloaded into either Stone CAD or Flow CAD and final preparations to the drawing.After the drawings are broke apart and cutouts have been added, the program moves to Stone CAM or Flow CAM.
October 2000 added 1st
Intermac Masterstone 4000December 2001 added 2nd
Intermac Masterstone 4000

November 2002 added 3rd
Intermac Masterstone 4000

January 2004 added
Flow Waterjet

Stone needs to be cut using water.  When Webco,Inc added the 3rd CNC and the Flow waterjet we also replace our small water recycling system with a greener, newer and larger system. March 2005.We have collection points throughout the stone shop that flow to the water system.

After the water has been filtered by the large system it then runs through a Culligan water filter & softener.

The LVP-p Flat Edge Polisher by Marmo Mechanica, this machine will increase productivity.
Office System: 

In January 2005 Webco, Inc started using Moraware Job Tracking Software.  This software connects our showroom, offices & fabrication areas, we are able to follow a job from the time it is quoted through installation.


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