Design considerations are nearly equal among the factors of aesthetics, strength and durability. This is particularly true of interior applications. The imagination of Designers is boundless, and it is Webco, Inc who

must council the design professional as to what is feasible and what is not. Stone is not plastic material. It is rigid and breakable when handled in fabrication.


Before making your final selection of a stone, particularly on a larger project, take wastage into account to make certain there will be enough material to complete the project. An often-forgotten fact is that the material from a quarry today may be different from what was available six months ago. Further, there may be more than one quarry of the material.


Stones for kitchen and lavatory tops should be chosen with regard to functionality. Foods and their handling will affect long-term appearances as acids and grease come in contact with the surface. Not all stones are resistant to staining, therefore, selection should be carefully considered regardless of the type of stone, spills should be wiped up immediately on the surface. There are also nontoxic sealers (necessary in food preparation areas) that can improve the performances of a stone to a great degree.



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