Gravity Single Bowl


Gravity on your side!

We all love a nice deep sink but when we choose to use a 3cm countertops it often causes some plumbing problems. The “Gravity Sink” being mounted in
the top of the countertop it raises the sink and reduces the chance of having these problems.

Can be installed in:

* Laminate * Solid Surface * Soapstone * Quartz * Natural Stone

These sinks give you the elegant look of an under-mount sink with the stability of a top-mount sink & no undesirable caulk around the lip. All double bowl sinks fit into a
standard 30″ sink cabinet w/out having to modify the cabinet or settle for a smaller sink.

The “Gravity Sink” fits into a grove in the countertops allowing gravity to hold the sink into place. No more sinks pulling free from the bottom of the countertop.